Hello there! I’m Jennifer Strunge, artist, crafter, and creator of the Cotton Monsters!


I was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland and have been sewing dolls, puppets, pillows and such ever since I was a wee little girl. During my senior year at the Maryland Institute College of Art I began making quilts covered with three-dimensional eyeball forms and giant soft-sculptural monsters made from found blankets, clothes and bedding. Shortly after graduating in 2004, I refined my creature making technique and began my original Cotton Monster line. Ever since, I have been sewing as fast as my hands will allow, selling one-of-a-kind monsters, kitty cats, and more—locally, across the US and all around the globe!


Aiming to give new life to secondhand sweatshirts, velour track suits and polo shirts of the world, most of my creations are constructed using clean thrifted clothing as well as sheets and fabric remnants. Each is handmade one at a time, on my Bernina sewing machine, stuffed with brand new super-soft polyester fiberfill and finished with hand-stitching, all in my tiny attic home studio.


In addition to the Cotton Monster line I have worked on many other exciting projects and artistic endeavors throughout the years and am currently dipping my toes into the land of design…